Attached please find the Annual Dues membership application and a W9 for July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018

As the President mentioned in his recent note, your membership in the MVSOA is important in keeping you up-do-date and informed of all benefits available through the various veteran agencies.

This includes keeping you informed of all current and proposed legislation at both the Federal and State levels. Again, a major initiative this year is the upcoming training and state certification process.

Also, on-going training and education is vital, especially regarding the administration of the MGL Chapter 115 program. Your membership in the MVSOA and attendance at the Legislative Conference, Legislative Luncheon at the State House, the combined DVS Training/Winter Conference and our Summer Conference are outstanding ways to network with your peers, meet with your State Representatives and keep up with the latest information.

Excellent information can be found at the MVSOA website at Among the information available, The Guidebook, a Procedures Reference Guide for Veterans Administration benefits, and 108CMR, the Code of Massachusetts Regulations regarding the administration of the MGL Chapter 115 program, are both vast resources.

When filling out the application please be sure to include both your Email Address and Hire Date. Also, if you represent a District, please be sure to write down all the Towns you represent.