Mission Statement: Seek out and develop personal and professional relationships with public and private organizations throughout the Commonwealth utilizing inclusion, collaboration and cooperation to enhance services for our clients; cultivate interactions with organizations to strengthen existing relationships to better serve our clients; and continue to focus on personal and professional development for the MVSOA and its membership.

Objectives: Increase professionalism within the MVSOA and its members.
• Focus on legislation to strengthen Chapter 115 and laws benefiting veterans and dependents
• Strengthen ties with other professional organizations and extend and continue on-going dialogs with these organizations (DVS, MMA, AGs Office, VA, etc.)
• Remain focused on fiscal responsibility within the MVSOA and E-Board
• Remain focused on initial training for newly appointed VSOs and on-going sustainment training for experienced VSOs to insure that we are meeting the needs of our veterans and our communities.

Committees: The elected officers will participate as a member of one (1) of the four (4) required committees.
• Committee Chairmen will be limited to overseeing one (1) committee, unless approved by a majority of the elected officers. I view these as "Collateral Duties" and should be the primary focus of each committee chairman. If members are responsible for overseeing numerous committees, it can lead to ineffectiveness and does not allow for additional participation by members of the association.
• Committee Chairmen will be responsible for conducting regularly scheduled meetings (In-person, telephone, video conferencing, etc.). These can also be conducted in conjunction with regional association meetings.
• Some committees may be consolidated or eliminated.

Battle Rhythm: The four (4) elected officers will rotate to each regional MVSOA meeting. This will allow area MVSOA members to receive updates and engage with the elected representatives.
• Area Presidents (or their designee) will be required to attend E-Board meetings. This is important so that the E-Board is updated on events and issues throughout the state.
• E-Board and area meetings will be adjusted so that only one (1) meeting is held per week.
• Committee Chairmen will provide an update at each E-Board. "In-Progress" reports will not be accepted on a repeated basis. Repeated "In-Progress" reports may result in the committee being eliminated or Chairman being replaced.

Area Presidents/Veteran Protection: Each area president (or designee) will be responsible for presenting updates on the following information:
• Outreach Programs/Campaigns
• Homelessness
• Summary of prior meeting
• Date of future meeting and location
Responsible for coordinating efforts to report and verify questionable charitable organizations to the Attorney General's Office, Veterans Affairs Representative.


NEMVSOA: Francisco Toro, City of Chelsea
WMVSOA: Steve Connors, North Hampton District
CMVSOA: Justin Sousa, Central Ma District

 2021 - 2022 Committee Breakdown

1) Advisory Board: This committee will consist of a Chairman; responsible for tracking items to address with DVS, and to schedule/coordinate the meeting with DVS staff. The remainder of the board will consist of seven (7) members; four (4) members assigned to the Advisory Board and three (3) members from the Compliance Committee. Minutes of all meetings will be maintained. The MVSOA President will establish the agenda and send follow-up correspondence to the DVS Secretary following each meeting.

 Compliance Committee Representatives

2) Legislative Committee: The focus of this committee will be to increase involvement of VSOs in legislative issues on a regional level. Area Presidents will be responsible for conducting regional legislative meetings, soliciting association members for feedback on legislative concerns, and presenting legislative items to the Chairman (Mike Sweeney) for review within the committee. The Chairman will be responsible for establishing the legislative agenda for the October conference for membership to review and approve. Following approval, legislative issues will be forwarded to the Legislative Agent for filing. The Committee will coordinate the annual Legislative Luncheon.

Chairman: Mike Sweeney
Tom Lyons (Legislative Agent)
Patrick George
Robert Santiago (2nd Vice)
Lena Vellturo
Teddy Mulvehill

 3) Chapter 115 / 108 CMR Committee: This committee is required per our by-laws. The committee will focus on amendments related to CH 115/108 CMR and will report to the E-Board.

Chairman: Steve Connor
Jesus Pereira (Exp. 6/2019)
Ken Badertscher (Exp. 6/2020)
Lisa Potts (Exp. 6/2021)
Marc Silvestri (Sgt at Arms)

4)Nominating/Awards: These committees will be combined given that both fall within the same time period.


5)Compliance Committee: This committee will discuss compliance issues, prepare, and present compliance issues at Advisory Board Meetings.

Chairman: Greg Quilty
Steve Connor
Michael Sweeney

6)Training Committee: This committee is responsible for coordinating MVSOA summer and winter training conferences, conducting post training surveys, and providing input/feedback to DVS regarding training deficiencies for the yearly DVS Training Conference.

Chairman: Lisa Potts
Jaime Melendez (President)
Roseann Mazzuchelli (1st Vice)
Michael Raymond(Logistics)
Steve Connor

7)By-Laws Committee: Responsible to update and present recommendations for changes to the MVSOA by-laws.


8)MMA Advisory Committee: This committee will work with designated members of the MMA to address areas of concern and agreement as related to legislation, training, certification, etc. This committee will also conduct joint meetings with DVS staff as needed.

Chairman: MVSOA President (Jaime Melendez)
Legislative Agent (Tom Lyons)
1st Vice President (Roseann Mazzuchelli)
2nd Vice President (Robert Santiago)
Sgt at Arms (Marc Silvestri)
Ally Rodriguez
Greg Quilty
Jeff Chunglo

 Presidential Appointments


Chaplain/Sick Call: to provide the E-Board with updates on the wellness of VSOs and their families and to conduct prayer services at official meetings of the MVSOA.

Chairman: Michael Raymond
Marc Silvestri (Sgt at Arms)

Secretary: The Secretary and Communications Committee will be combined. The Secretary will be responsible for maintaining rosters of MVSOA members (in good standings), forward emails/correspondence to MVSOA members as requested, and maintain the minutes for all official MVSOA business meetings. The Secretary will provide an update to the E-Board at each meeting.

Secretary: Luis Santiago

Treasurer: The Treasurer will be responsible for collecting all membership dues, conference fees, or other charges that may pertain to specific events. The Treasurer will provide an update to the E-Board at each meeting. The Treasurer will assist the Budget/Finance Officer in reviewing and updating the MVSOA membership regarding the annual audit.

Treasurer: Micaila Britto

Budget/Finance Officer: This individual is responsible for auditing all financial records and preparing an annual report to be presented to the MVSOA membership at one of the membership meetings.

Budget/Finance Officer: 

Legislative Agent: Responsible to represent the MVSOA on all pending and proposed legislative matters that may impact veterans or veteran's matters.

Legislative Agent: Tom Lyons

Legal Officer: This position will remain vacant until such time that legal services may be required, subject to approval by the E-Board.

Web Master: This individual is responsible for updating and maintaining the MVSOA web site.

Web Master: Eric Segundo

Submitted by:

Jaime L. Melendez Jr.
MVSOA 2021-22




Massachusetts Veterans' Service Officers Association, Inc.

Massachusetts Veterans Service Officers Association Inc.